Replace your toner

Recycle your printer inkjets, toner cartridges and drum units

Replace your Toner or Inkjet

  1. Turn on the printer
  2. Open the printer door to access the empty cartridge, inkjet or drum unit
  3. Remove the used item from the printer. Arrange a collection (link to recycling page)
  4. Take the new cartridge out of the box, but don’t remove the plastic pull strip yet….
  5. Shake the toner cartridge (not necessary for inks and drum units). This loosens the toner particles
  6. Remove from packaging (recycle cardboard) and pull the plastic strip, insert cartridge.

Changing your Drum Unit

  1. Keep the machine powered ON. Open the cover
  2. Take out the drum unit (with toner cartridge assembly)
  3. Push down the lock lever and take out the toner cartridge from the drum
  4. Insert the toner into the new drum unit. You will hear this lock into place.
    (If this is inserted correctly, the lock lever on the drum unit will lift automatically.)
  5. Insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the machine. Close the cover.

How to assemble our laser toner recycle box

Order your replacement Toner Cartridge, Inkjet or Drum Unit (